Working with a range of clients in digital design, start-ups and film, Collected Fictions brings a creative approach to content strategy and editorial planning. Based on an open-studio approach, teams of specialists are assembled to collaborate on projects as needed, such as designers, web developers, community managers and translators; ensuring that clients are benefiting from the best possible customized team.

Services include: content strategy, editorial planning, digital outreach and social media strategy, copywriting and editing. See the Projects page for examples of current and past work.

Inspired by a title from Jorge Luis Borges, the Collected Fictions blog also serves as a reflective space exploring current issues in digital communications. Aiming to approach the industry from a distinct perspective, eternal ideas are explored. How does an image change through individual perceptions? Can our role in communications be summed up by smoke and mirrors? Or, as Borges eloquently points out, are we simply retelling the same stories over and over again? Where does truth end and fiction begin?


Founder — Rebecca West



I’m a Content Strategist and Editor based in Montreal, specialized in collaborating with creative entrepreneurs. I have carried out successful projects for most of the last decade, working with leaders in culture and communications such as Dynamic/MTL, CreativeMornings Montréal, Moment Factory, EyeSteelFilm, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Cossette, C2-MTL, amongst others.

I earned my undergraduate degree in literature from Concordia, followed by a graduate degree (DESS) from HEC in Communications and Marketing. My infinite curiosity for other cultures and art forms has led me to live variously in Japan, Costa Rica and Spain. This range of studies, locations and languages sums up my approach: passionate about culture and open to how others around the world see things, driven to challenge conventions, always considering how everything digital shapes the way we communicate.

In 2012, I decided to make the shift to self-employment. Taking pride in my multi-disciplinary approach, through Collected Fictions I have built up a steady stream of clients amongst Montreal’s talented entrepreneurs and innovators.