The Canadian Centre for Architecture’s bookstore wanted to position itself as a unique destination for Christmas shopping and increase sales. As Marketing Coordinator at the CCA, in collaboration with Experiential Designer Achim Brauweiler,  we developed two-platform strategy to attract target audiences using conventional and non-conventional approaches. A bilingual print campaign developed for metro and newspapers highlighted the specialized nature of the bookstore’s catalogue. A white font on a neon orange background made a powerful statement and stood out from the usual Christmas green and red.

Events were also developed in parallel to entice various groups, turning the bookstore into a hub that entertains and educates. One event featured a workshop on architectural gift-wrapping with artist Serene Daoud, sharing her expertise using a variety of recycled materials to wrap presents origami-style.  The event turned the bookstore into a lively work space, attracting participants who either brought a present to wrap or bought one from the bookstore.

Image credit: Canadian Centre for Architecture.