i.e. another reason why Jenna Lyons is the best.

The J. Crew ad for the re-issued scoop back tank, as featured recently in New York Magazine.

The J. Crew ad for the re-issued scoop back tank, as featured recently in New York Magazine.

Despite the rainy weather today, Montreal summer is finally here! As a long-time J. Crew fan (blame private high school) and avid swimmer, I am very excited at their recent re-issue of the scoop-back tank. Not only is it a classic style, but the way in which they went about the re-launch was brilliant. Having complained to my sister about the challenges of finding the perfect tank suit (the American Apparel Malibu suit doesn’t leave much to the imagination, whereas the Lands End version I ended up settling on last summer would go nicely with “mom jeans”), I couldn’t have agreed more wholeheartedly with Jenni Avins’ open letter addressed to Ms. Lyons & Co., published in New York Magazine last summer. She writes: “I’m eternally searching for the one J.Crew no longer manufactures. It’s that simple, sexy, and sporty suit with straight, tank-top-style shoulder straps that swoop like the letter U, dipping seductively in the back to the area just above my waist… These swimsuits filled the drawer I shared with my older sister in the nineties, and I took them for granted. Had I known then how difficult it would be to replace these always-lined (but never padded), clean, open-backed one-pieces, I never would have let them go.”

Teaching swimming at Lac Manitou circa 1995

Teaching swimming at Lac Manitou circa 1995 in my first J. Crew tank. Baywatch was also a popular show that year 🙂

Not only did J. Crew re-issue the swimsuit following her letter, but it did so in a way that mirrored the writer’s request, taking out a double-page spread in an April edition of New York Magazine, with a hand-written note from the legendary Creative Director Jenna Lyons herself. The stunt created an immediate reaction, with articles in Adweek and Business Insider, not to mention many blog posts. Just another example of why Jenna Lyons and her team should take full credit for resurrecting J. Crew. Also very pleased that they have finally added customer reviews to their online shop, it was about time! Now if only they would restock the Scoopback tank in Bright Azure in size 6… Jenna, are you there?